In the beginning...

Eric was 14 and Marla was 10 when they met.  Their families had cabins in the same community just outside of Lake George, Colorado.  Eric liked to fish and ride his dirt bike.  Marla liked to hang with her sister, Shalah, and Eric's sister, Kirsten.  Being the youngest, Marla often got left behind as Kirsten's 3 wheel ATV could only carry 2 people.  Eric's dad felt sorry for Marla and made Eric take Marla wherever the other girls were going.  To a 14 year old boy this was not the epitomy of excitement, but he obeyed. For a couple summers, on the weekends, one could find Eric toting Marla around on the back of his dirt bike.  Years later, Eric ran into Marla again up at the cabin, and well, she had grown up.  After much effort on Eric's part to swoon Marla, he finally had won her heart.  A never ending love story commenced.

Who We Are

As a Family, we all enjoy being together and having fun!  We are all about FUN!  We have 4 dirt bikes and a 4 wheel ATV which we love to take to the mountains and ride.  We have an RV that we jump in and roam the country in together.  We are NASCAR fans and love to watch and attend races.  (Eric and Colton are Jeff Gordon fans, Marla and Daniel are Jimmie Johnson fans, and Joshua and Dylan are Kyle Busch fans)  The boys are all into sports.  Eric coaches Colton's little league baseball team and manages his own fast ball team.  The boys all play baseball except Daniel who is a great gymnast!  Marla, well, she drives everyone from place to place and possibly gets a glimps of a practice or game every once in a while.  Eric and Marla have recently taken up a new hobby of scuba diving as well.  As if all this wasn't enough to keep a family busy, we are very active in The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints.  We all stay busy with the callings and activities that the Church offers us!  Our lives are truly blessed with love for each other, love for our Savior, and love for life!

Monday, March 14, 2011


As I sit here, I am struggling with my own strength.  Fighting a diet and wishing I could be without temptation.  Our home teacher showed up last night with home baked cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing (my favorite) and I broke down and yelled out "I QUIT! GIVE ME ONE!"  Eric, of course, held me away and refused to let me give in, knowing I would regret it.  Even threatened to call my mother who is doing the diet with me long distance.  I spent the rest of the night having my own pity party, sobbing several times about how hard this was.  Then this morning came and I got on here to read the updates on my friends blogs.
Two of my friends are going through breast cancer right now.  Reading their blogs humbled me and chastised me for being such a wuss!  The strength I find in these two wonderful ladies and their families is so remarkable.  I am made humble by the fact that my struggles with fitting back into my clothes are nothing compared to the struggles that they are forced to endure.  I am doing this by choice.  They are doing this to spare their lives.
I am so grateful that both of them are so far, faring well and have a good chance of beating their ugly foe.  The blessing of the Lord are great.  The little miracles every day are proof of His love and kindness.  The perspective it has given to all of us that surround them is a blessing as well.
Be grateful.  Share love.  Worry about what matters.  Let go of what doesn't.  Trust in the Lord.
Once again, the Lord is teaching me to get outside of myself.  If I am focusing more of my time on serving others I will have less time to think about hunger and temptation.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Wow! What maturity! That's my little girl!!! WTG Marla. Thanks to Eric for adding to your strength when your reserve was low. Eternal companionship --- isn't it great!